Monthly Archives: July 2009

What a Day?

Sometimes you don't know how well life is going until you have a bump in the road. Today for instance, I woke up okay, but pretty quickly it seemed like all my plans went right out the window, or at least against the window. I planned to work on a story draft, but got interrupted…

Reflections Toward the End of Summer

One of our son's friends was over last night, and he politely asked my husband if he was having a good summer. After a pause, he said it was okay. I jumped in and said, "no, he's not having a good summer". He laughed (my husband) and said "why do you say that?" I proceeded…

Writing and Various Updates

One of the best things I've done in my new writing "career" is subscribe to a blog called "Coffee & Critique" - you can see it on my list. It keeps me advised of lots of writing contests that don't cost anything to enter. The beauty of that is 1) it's free and for a…