Monthly Archives: September 2011


This week in Girl Scouts our troop worked on identifying stereotypes. It was a great exercise. In the middle of the page they drew a circle and put their name in it. Around it they put more circles with words that identified them. The next step was to identify stereotypes (if any) that went with…

Whimpering at the Door

Our new dog Daisy is pretty great. She's fun, energetic, loving, just about everything we were hoping for. She does have a penchant for chewing napkins and tissues, but that's a small price to pay. Potty accidents have been few now that we know her usual signal. She whimpers at the door. The thing that…

Jesse Stone and Rain

It's raining today. A nice steady rain, the kind of rainy day that I'd like to sleep late, curl up with hot cocoa and watch Jesse Stone movies. But I can't.Instead  my day will be filled with office work, grocery shopping, praying for friends going through hard times, housework, and whatever else pops up. But,…