Monthly Archives: October 2011

Jack O’Lanterns and Halloween

I grew up "celebrating" Halloween. Never gave it a second thought. My parents dressed me up (usually a nurse, a princess, a gypsy) and walked me around the neighborhood for the haul of candy. We'd get home and sort the candy. Chocolate was the best (of course). All coconut candy went to my Dad (I…

Thorns, Hairs, and Dark Glass

I have a confession to make. I have a recurring problem. It is one of my "thorn in the flesh" issues (like the Apostle Paul mentions in scripture). No matter how many times I deal with it, it comes back. What is it? It is a chin hair. You chuckled, I heard you! You thought,…

Be Still and Know

This weekend I am on a Women's Beach Retreat with my church. While I have been on retreats before, this one is new in that I have my preteen daughter with me. I'm sure I am having a good time!I hope you will enjoy this video.