Monthly Archives: December 2012

Let’s Go Boxing!

It's Boxing Day! I discovered this "holiday" a few years ago when one of my children had a classmate from England. I can't say we have observed it faithfully, but we have done it from time to time. Today it is very rainy and cold here - so a great day to stay inside and…

Christmas Eve and Momentary Silence

It's Christmas Eve morning. I'm up at 6:30 listening to the household silence. Children, husband and even the dog are all asleep. It is pleasant. In a few hours everyone will be up and "doing". I'll be remembering something I've forgotten, the kids will be wondering what they've gotten and asking "How early can we…

Change is Constant

This has been a year of many changes. Some good, some bad, some easy, some hard. My father said to me yesterday that the only constants in this life are the Lord and change. At the age of 81, I believe he's right.I didn't write my Christmas letter this year. No, not a letter to…