Monthly Archives: December 2013

Emmanuel Trumps Ducks, Tweets and Healthcare

It's Christmas Eve and I am determined not to be distracted. Phil Robertson, Justine Sacco, and a questionable state of economy will not take my focus off my faith and my family. This video song is a reminder of what today is really about.

Cookie Exchange

My book club decided to do a cookie exchange this year and I confess to mixed emotions, I don't make cookies much anymore. It's cheaper and faster to just buy a pack of Oreos or Pecan Sandies or Chunky Chips Ahoy. But nonetheless - I looked at some recipes (love this Betty Crocker site!), made my…

Are Christmas Cards Extinct?

Each year fewer and fewer of our friends and family send out Christmas cards. We used to cover up the wall with them - taped up for everyone to see, not this year - so far we've gotten two (not counting the one from the bank). I'm sure we'll get a few more, but I…