Monthly Archives: February 2015

Being the “old” generation

I've had the delightful experience this week of switching from an iphone to an android phone (no I'm not being sarcastic, it really has been pretty smooth). Despite our children's concern that we wouldn't be able to adjust - my husband and I have done just fine.It is funny to find myself in the position…

Why Blog?

I had lunch this week with my SIL (that's sister-in-law for those of you who might not know social media code). She asked me how my writing was going and I had to confess - it's not been going at all. Last fall I blamed it on taking a class and not having time. Then…

Where was the “Super” Bowl?

Admittedly, I'm  not really a football fan. I pretty much watch only the Super Bowl each year. Last night I turned it on ready to watch a good match up. I was pulling for the Broncos because I lived in Denver for a year of my life and I wanted to support Peyton Manning in…