Monthly Archives: July 2017

Tides of Life

One of the things I love about the beach is the constant, dependable, soothing rhythm of the waves. Even though a storm can make the waves high and crashing and overwhelming - the underlying tides are constant and eventually everything will calm back down. Life is like that. When change feels like relentless breakers crashing…

So Dr. Who is a Female

I confess, I'm a little bit mystified at the reaction to the announcement that the new Dr. Who is a woman. I saw the trailer and thought, "cool", though I admit I haven't really watched much Dr. Who since the Tom Baker days (Doctor #4), but I didn't expect the expressions of relief, victory, vindication,…

Hot Summer

It's summer and it's hot (surprise!) here in North Carolina. Heat brings a slowness to my life that I both dislike and welcome. I always think my summer will be a time to be both productive and adventurous at home, because it's slower at work and the kids are home from school. I'll try new…