Monthly Archives: October 2017

“Art” Lessons

Once upon a time I moved to North Carolina knowing only my older brother. In a short amount of time I was able to find a church home where I met some people who would stay dear to my heart for over 30 years. One of those was a man named Art Peoples. Art was…

IMHO – Are you sure about that?

"IMHO" has become a familiar acronym in social media communications. In my humble opinion is regularly seen after a person posts their thoughts (usually dissenting) on any given subject or circumstance. In observing the usage of this term - I see it used two different ways. One - it's an apology for having a different…

Think on these things

Hurricanes, NFL protests, wildfires, Las Vegas massacre, North Korea missile tests, Harvey Weinstein - the world has had no shortage of bad news while I've been off my website (that's another story). In pondering what to publish for my first article in a while - there was plenty to choose from. But I choose not…