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Floss Does What?

I recently went to a new hygienist at my dentist's office where I promptly got busted (politely) for not flossing. After getting my teeth all nice and clean and de-tartarized (yes I just made that word up), I came home and started flossing (I said I would at least try to floss more than just…

Thanksgiving, Macy’s, and History

The dressing is in the crock pot, the potatoes au gratin are in the other crock pot,and the hams are in the slow roaster oven. I've done all the prep I can for now, so it's time for the parade! My mother always watched the parade while she prepared for Thanksgiving - so I've got…

Jimmy Carter Used to Be President?

The first time I could vote in a presidential election was in November of 1980. I voted (yes I'll tell) for Jimmy Carter's re-election, he lost. I confess that most of my devotion to him was due to the fact that he was a Southerner (I am of Southern roots with a Mississippi born father…