Newspaper vs News App

For some unknown reason we have started receiving The Wall Street Journal at our house. Last week we received it on Thursday, Friday, and then the Saturday/Sunday edition. Sometime in the early morning hours it landed in our driveway. Monday, no paper. I thought, "okay, they've discovered their mistake". Then yesterday, Wednesday, it showed up in my driveway, and again this morning.

I offered it to my daughter to read since she has to turn in a current event every Friday in her  AP United States History class. At first she said,  yes, that would be great. Then the next day she turned me down. She said it was easier to get her news from an app (New York Times) on her phone. The newspaper, from an app, on her phone. Oh my.

I really do understand. The article is all in one place, you don't have to turn to B6 for the rest of the story. She can even set filters to notify her of certain kinds of articles and for any big current happenings. I get it.

But I'm a little sad too. There's nothing quite like turning through the pages of a newspaper, smelling the ink and paper. Listening to the rustling of the paper and the crackle as you fold it to get to the article you want to read. Curling up on the couch, sitting in a big armchair drinking coffee, tucked into a corner of a coffee shop - feeling the experience of reading news. There's an inner satisfaction that comes with it that just doesn't happen reading electronically (at least not for me).

Don't get me wrong, I read paperbacks, hardbacks, and on my Kindle. I love to read in any form. But "reading the newspaper" just can't be replaced in my opinion. I hope they survive the electronic age.

P.S. Hurrah! My daughter just came in as I was writing this and started looking through the paper. Turns out her app has a limit of how many articles she can look at for free (a new development). Paper rules!

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  1. She needs better apps. I confess. That's where I get my news as well.

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