Summary of Inauguration Trip

Just a note to let everyone know I am home My experience wasn’t what I thought it would be, but I am processing it all now and hope to have it into some kind of comprehensive thought soon. Here is a “quick” summary. I'll do a better blog later.

Got to Manassas Park on Sunday afternoon, had dinner with my niece and her family, unfortunately was sick all Sunday night (got what Emma had on Saturday). In light of that I did not go into D.C. on Monday with my brother to get the tickets and scope things out. However, I did have a very nice time getting to converse with my niece and her husband separately and together. Tuesday morning began at 3:20am for me, we got into the city at 6:30am where we were promptly swept up into a crowd of thousands. By 8:00am we were in our “spot”. It was cold, but the atmosphere was friendly and interesting for the most part. I was disappointed by the extreme “partisan” attitude around me –but quite honestly I suspect it is the same for whichever party has “won”. I was very glad to have been there to see our democracy in action – where the transfer of power happens. I was probably more impressed by that than by the fact that our new president is an Africa-American. I really don’t care about that part at all. The crowds were friendly and polite to each other from all that I could see and I think everyone was extending more grace to each other given the crowds. Union Station was shut down for a couple of hours, but we still made our 5pm train to get back to Manassas Park. I was very tired, I don’t think I’ve spent that much solid time on my feet in years! Anyway, just wanted to update you, I’ll get my thoughts together soon.

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