Just the Two of Us (sort of)

Our youngest just left early this morning for an overnight school trip. She's not gone long, we'll pick her up tomorrow afternoon.

We'll be home alone tonight.

In years past we longed for those nights when all the kids might be somewhere else and we'd have a night alone at home. They were welcome respites from the busy and noisy reality of life with three kids.

We'll have a good time tonight. We can have the television as loud as we want without some one complaining. We can binge watch on Netflix without getting a lecture. We can stay up late if we choose or more likely we can go to bed early without someone snickering about our old people ways (in our defense we were up at 4:30 this morning for our child's trip). We can do anything we want. We'll have fun.

But I am aware that this will soon be our new reality. Though we still have two years of high school left, our youngest just got her drivers license so no more chauffeuring is needed. Our eldest graduates from college in two weeks and by end of summer will be out of the house. Our middle child is halfway through college and isn't coming home for the summer as he takes some classes and works at the university. Life is changing.

I'm glad I still like my husband. I'm glad we worked to stay connected through the years through the distractions of children, work, and life. It's important - because before we know it, it's going to be back to the two of us.


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  1. That's good! Because some people drift apart during that time and once the kids leave, they find they have nothing in common anymore. Enjoy tonight!

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