The Morning After

Well, it's the morning after. After Christmas that is. My children are all asleep and my husband has gone back to bed with his croupy cold. The rain has stopped (thank you Lord) and I'm sitting here in the quiet with my sugar free french vanilla powdered coffee and in my new pajamas (Santa Lobster is over now, back to my lovely black) and new fuzzy slippers.

My husband and I exchanged quiet gifts this year, just wasn't a year for sisbumbah - but that's perfectly okay with me. The kids were happy with their Santa gifts, which is always a relief. Because the oldest got a new iPod, the others have upgraded theirs buying each other's "old" one. My youngest is delighted to have a real iPod and not just a mp3 player. I'm loading her music on even as I write this.

We tried something different this year with the adults in the family - a dollar limit. Some gifts worked better than others, but overall a success I think. It wasn't my favorite idea in the beginning, but okay I think. Perhaps better next year when I've had more time to prepare for it.

Lunch was a success with my husband cooking a pork tenderloin. He drives me crazy with his ability to look at recipe ideas - and then come up with his own plan that throws much of the ideas away - and it works! Just jealousy on my part I suppose.

I'm grateful for the family I have available to me during this holiday season - but I admit I still have longing wishes for the big family gatherings that I hear others having. I have a friend visiting family in Wisconsin - they had 31 family members for dinner! I can't even begin to imagine. We've had 20 or so at Thanksgiving (with friends), but 31 for Christmas - all family! I'm also sorry that my kids don't have cousins close at hand to mess around with. My family is all spread out in age and distance, and our kids are the only grandkids on my husband's side. Oh well, I can only pray that our kids will continue to be close to each other when they are grown and having families of their own.

Today I'll finish putting up the china and holiday flatware. The kids will play with their respective things (I think short videos are on tap for the middle child with his video camera - I'm a little afraid of what's going to show up on Facebook and YouTube!). Hopefully my husband will rest and get better with his cold and continued recovery from back surgery. I will putz around and enjoy the quiet and hopefully work more on my writing. I look forward to church tomorrow.

Life is good.

Merry Morning After!

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  1. Sounds like my kind of holiday, peaceful.

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