I’m Not Jewish, but . . .

I LOVE Christmas. The day after Thanksgiving we started decorating and we have our tree up, the mantle decorated, multiple nativities out, and the front yard blazing (well, maybe not blazing) with lights.

At work this week I put up a small fiber optic Christmas tree, that I inherited from a recently departed co-worker, in a little corner of my office on top of the mini-fridge where we store bottled water for visitors. It was suggested that I add a menorah which I thought was a great idea.

Thus began my search. My first stop was the local Dollar Tree, where I had recently purchased Thanksgiving door decor and the current snowman on my office door. I walked the whole store twice, nothing remotely connected to Hanukkah was found. The next day I went to a different Dollar Tree because I was certain I had seen a small display there. Nothing. Then I went to Target where I knew I had seen something. Indeed I had. One small endcap display with menorah candles, a window gel set, $20 menorahs, some wrapping paper and a set of toy dreidels. I looked through the ornaments wondering if there might be a menorah ornament. There wasn't.

In a town where there is a healthy Jewish population (three synagogues and a Jewish boarding school in a city of 280,000 people), I was really surprised to find so little. I mean, I'm sure I'll find it eventually at Michaels, Walmart, or maybe even at the Christmas Tree Shop.  But it never occurred to me it wouldn't be easy to find a small, inexpensive menorah for my display. I was wrong.


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  1. That does seem surprising. You'd think the local population would start demanding more. Maybe they order online?

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