Anniversary Surprise

Last night my husband surprised me with an early anniversary present. We'll be married 20 years on April 15th. He has known I wanted an anniversary band, but he decided he likes "wraps" better. Anyway, my rings had to be resized as I can no longer wear a 4 1/2, but now need a 5 1/4 - when he found out I had dropped them off at the jewelers to be resized, he hotfooted it there and they got my solitare out to look at, ordered a wrap, had it come in, set it there, and then had my solitare back to me in a week. I picked it up on Thursday afternoon. He went by Wednesday afternoon to check the two rings together. He picked up the "wrap" and was going to try and wait 3 months to give it to me. However, we went to dinner last night and he just couldn't stand it - so he gave it to me then. It is absolutely beautiful! What a sweetheart and great taste. I can't believe how it enhances my solitare! 20 years have gone by in a flash and I am very grateful to God for bringing us together when He did. I love my husband!

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