Jerry Who?

During the holidays we had a family night. We went out to eat (a treat for us) and then came back home to watch a movie. It was after Christmas and no one felt like watching a holiday movie (we tried for Die Hard but the kids wouldn't go for it). My husband and I settled on "The Nutty Professor", imagine our chagrin when no one knew who he was? When the movie started our 18 yo said, "I thought he was a rock and roller?" No, that's Jerry LEE Lewis . . .

I take full responsibility. It isn't as if they don't watch other "old" movies. They know John Wayne (Big Jake), The Twilight Zone (time, time enough to read), and The Andy Griffith Show (they have decided Clara is a menace).

How do you decide which old things need to be passed on? I've made the mistake of thinking my kids will just somehow absorb what I know. But frankly, there's a lot to absorb! And in the meantime, they are introducing me to what is current for them. Lady Gaga, Marvel movies, Katy Perry, and Good Luck, Charlie to name a few.

Oh well, I think somehow it all evens out. At least they know who Jerry Lewis is now!

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  1. As long as they never think that I'm the "old thing" which needs to be passed on, I'm good to go.<br />I hope.
  2. And it will take you years to get Gaga out of your head...<br />have they ever seen a real typewriter? That might freak them out for a day or two.
  3. I know exactly what you mean, Sheila. My kids know all the oldies songs... I've done pretty good with that, but every once in a while Gregg and I will be talking and they get a totally blank expression on their faces...
  4. The Andy Griffith Show! Now that's an oldie but a goodie, in my eyes. My father still enjoys watching this show, not to mention a few other old TV sitcoms.

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