In keeping with my food memory theme, I decided to end with a frozen ZERO candy bar (not the highly anticipated zucchini {fooled you Linda!}). I remember getting Zero bars growing up (I seem to remember my mother liked them a lot) and I liked them, there's nothing flavored quite like them. But after I got married I had them in a new way - frozen. It is quite popular at the pool (which I didn't go to when I was a kid, but that's for another post another time) and my husband introduced them to me. I suppose you could freeze them at home - but somehow I think they're only good that way when you get them at the pool . . . something about the combination of the hot summer sun beating on the concrete with the cold refreshing water beckoning. Hmm . . . I know what I'm doing at least once this summer!

Z is for Zero (candy bar) / A to Z Blogging Challenge

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  1. *sigh* Another yummy-looking food that we just don't get in the UK. Jealous.
  2. Frozen zero bars. They are just as enjoyable when frozen at home.<br />: )<br /><br />Susanne<br /><a href="" rel="nofollow">PUTTING WORDS DOWN ON PAPER</a>
  3. Yummy. I haven't thought about Zero bars in years.
  4. Excellent choice! Zero candy bars are highly underrated.
  5. I've never had one of those. I'll have to fix that!
  6. Suz
    This was not the month to join Weight Watchers. Thanks for the food tour.
  7. Somehow a frozen zucchini just doesn't sound appealing...
  8. i now know what i am doing this summer also... zero bar, frozen, at the pool! woo!
  9. I've never had a zero bar...congrats on finishing the A-Z challenge!
  10. Zero bars are good, but they're hard to find these days.<br /><br />Ellie

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