Floss Does What?

I recently went to a new hygienist at my dentist's office where I promptly got busted (politely) for not flossing. After getting my teeth all nice and clean and de-tartarized (yes I just made that word up), I came home and started flossing (I said I would at least try to floss more than just when I eat corn on the cob). A couple of nights ago I was looking at my little sample container of dental floss (I have tons of them from my dentist visits) and was surprised at what I found.

Dental floss has an expiration date! What!? Does floss quit working? Is it safe to use? Can I only use it to cut sheet cake after it expires? Is using expired dental floss as bad as eating cookie dough? Is it like out of date Neosporin that works better than nothing but isn't as effective? How does a piece of nylon expire? What does this mean?

What else expires that I didn't know about? We always give my mother-in-law a bad time about keeping non-food items waaay past their expiration date - but maybe I'm doing the same thing!

My life might never be the same.

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  1. I've just made it a habit to floss every single day. Had no idea it had an expiration date. Maybe it's because of the waxy coating?
  2. Weird . I go with waxy coating.

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