Happy birthday to me!

I have the pleasure of being born on New Year’s Eve. I haven’t always viewed it as a gift, but I do now. I celebrate my birthday with my family at lunch, and then everyone is free to celebrate New Year’s Eve as they choose that night. Having a New Year’s Eve birthday means I have a built in time of reflection and I literally start a new year of my life just as we start a new calendar year. It’s great!

This year my time of reflection has revealed a deeper sense (and acceptance) of myself. A contentment with who I am, that still allows me the room to work on improvement.

Some say that blogs are dead or at least dying. Instagram has replaced (for many) the traditional daily(ish) blog posts of old. I moved my blog from Blogger to my own website and experienced a decline in writing as I no longer felt free to just dash off a few words. I got caught up looking at stats and worrying about how many subscribers I have, sending email notices, and working on building my audience. Those things aren’t necessarily bad - but they distracted me and I don’t like that.

I don’t know if blogs are dying or not. But this year I’m just going to be me, and we’ll see where it goes.

Whatever you might be looking at this year, I suggest you do the same.

Happy New Year!

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