Blogs I Like -- what can I say? My husband is one of those rare people in life who is truly “one of a kind”. -- Emily writes about finding room to breathe in your life. I read her book “Grace for the Good Girl” and then was fortunate enough to be part of a reading group with an advance copy of her book “Simply Tuesday”. Quite honestly I read it the first time to be part of the launch team, but then I read it for myself. It is having (current tense) a direct influence on this website. -- Elizabeth has been, and still is, on quite a life and faith journey. While I do not always agree with her, I admire her transparent honesty about her life journey. My childhood in the church was not of the cultish kind that hers was, but I empathize with many parts of her life. Her book, “Girl on Edge of the World” was very insightful and made me examine my own childhood. -- Matt wrote a book, “Imaginary Jesus” that broke open a lot of my long held images of Christ. I loved this book and I need to re-read it soon.

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