Monthly Archives: March 2009

What Do I Want out of Life?

My husband recently asked me, "What do you want out of life?" Without much thought I spouted back "a good relationship with God, a healthy family, and a sense of accomplishment". As time progressed, I started thinking about my answer. What did I mean by that, and, did I really mean it? Why did I…

16 Years Ago

16 years ago today my life took its second major step. The first major step was on April 15, 1989 when I married my husband. But on March 20, 1993 our first child was born - and a HUGE adventure began. Even though we had gotten a cat the year before to "prepare us for…

20th Anniversary Trip to the Florida Keys

It all began with a wish to do something "big" for our 20th anniversary. Bahamas, Jamaica, London, Ireland, a cruise – lots of ideas were tossed around. But with three kids (two who need braces, one going to Europe this summer, Boy Scout camp, etc.) and a full life, those ideas just weren't practical. With…