Monthly Archives: February 2014

Valentine’s Journal

This was a homework journal assignment I have decided to share.It is Valentine's week. My husband has been very attentive with multiple cards given throughout this week, culminating with chocolates and the "big" card on the day itself. This has been his way ever since he proposed to me 25 years ago on Valentine's Day…

It’s Not What I Do, It’s Where I’ve Been

Last night I turned in my first homework assignment - a personal profile. I decided I would share it with you here. I have not made any changes (though I wanted to). Warning: It's longer than most of my posts.Our society tends to define us by what we do for a living, or what our…

Where was the “Super” Bowl?

Admittedly, I'm  not really a football fan. I pretty much watch only the Super Bowl each year. Last night I turned it on ready to watch a good match up. I was pulling for the Broncos because I lived in Denver for a year of my life and I wanted to support Peyton Manning in…