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Innocent Until Proven Guilty? Not Anymore

I rarely weigh in on controversial issues because I hate conflict and I don't see very many examples of civil discourse on those kinds of matters. Today however I do offer a few observations in regards to the Grand Jury decision in Ferguson, MO. Let me say at the outset, I am of course sorry…

My Christmas Wish

It was cold, wet, and rainy today. The rain is about gone, but the cold is here for a few days and getting colder. People delighted in telling me today that it would be 19 degrees in the morning. I think they are wrong, I think it's only supposed to be 24 -and 19 the…

Friday Night Lights

Photo Credit: dvdsreleasedates.comMy husband and I just finished (this wet, rainy, Saturday morning) watching the series "Friday Night Lights" (we have developed a habit of finding finished series on Netflix and watching them in whole). I remember when this show was on "live" and I didn't watch it. Probably because I mistakenly thought the show…