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It seems to me my life is all about mediation. Perhaps I should have done it for a living . . . no, that would be too much. Currently I am the mediator between two of my siblings and frequently between my children. All this for a girl who grew up in a non-confrontational family…

Inauguration Day

My brother and I quietly conversed as people around us sat and anticipated the day to come on the train into D.C. We disembarked at L'Enfant Station. At 6:30am we were standing at the corner of 7th Street and C Street. Looking to my left up 7th Street, I was astonished to see the street…

Dreams of Mom

I dreamed about my Mom last night. It was actually a dream about having a dream about her. In the dream I knew she was dead, but I was able to talk to her and ask her about heaven. She said she could look in and see what we were doing. When I asked her…