Monthly Archives: April 2013

Zzzz . . . one of my favorite things

I love a good sleep, who doesn't?It might be a full night of slumber, tucked cosily into my bed, or it might be an afternoon nap curled up on the sofa with my dog. Sometimes it's a quick eye closer sitting in the passenger seat of the car on a trip. However it comes, a…

Yesterday . . . one of my favorite things

How can yesterday be one of my favorite things? Because it either left me with good memories of what it held, or because it is finally over and done with and behind me. Yesterday means I was alive and doing something. Yesterday means I am part of today - which is full of promise and…

Watches . . . one of my favorite things

Watches are cool. Even though I carry a cell phone all the time and frequently check it to see what time it is, I still wear a watch. I think they are so expressive. Wearing a watch makes me feel as if I have some sort of control over time (hah - delusional I know!).…