I used to love to blog. It was fun, it was therapeutic, it was an easy way to "write". Being on Google Blogger I had an easy audience from all over the world, regular readers, and a great support network. Then it became possible for me to get my own "website" (I have loving family members who are in the internet/website business) and I lost it all. Suddenly posting needed to be website worthy, purposeful, and if not professional, at least attempting to be professional. The number of people who were reading my posts dropped dramatically and I had to work on developing a mailing list to announce when I had a new post. I studied how often a person should post, when were the best days and times to post. It became a chore. Then I started hearing how blogging was dying, that Instagram is the new blogging (I think I agree with that, at least that it's a form of blogging).

The climate has become politically charged and radically divided on seemingly almost everything. I'm afraid to post a lot of my thoughts because of my diverse circle of friends, my job, my family, etc.. I confess I am a people pleaser and I want everyone to if not like me, at least not hate me.

I don't have a book to write, a talk to give, or poetry flow to inspire (truth be told I struggle with poetry overall). I've written some things in the past that I'm proud of, but I can't say I have a passion for writing.

So why not shut it all down? What's the difference? Based on my site stats it's not like that many people will even notice.

I don't know. But I just can't bring myself to do it. I'm in the middle of reading Emily P. Freeman's book - "A Million Little Ways" and it's encouraging me to dig into myself a little deeper and discover how I am God's "art" and if there's some art within. I think the answer, for now, is to go back to a blogging mindset, even if it's on my own website and not the safe, comfortable world of Blogger. I'm processing my thoughts, we'll see.

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  1. Please don't shut it down. There are still people reading and there are still many things you can share. Just do it on your own time and don't worry about what you should be doing.
    • Thank you Alex. You've always been my most faithful supporter (outside of family).
  2. I too love your blogs. I see a side of you that you don't express outwardly. You see through people into their hearts and are honest about writing them. I think you are very gifted and love reading what you "see".
  3. Keep at it. I felt the same way. You can post things on FB but it is not the same. FB is lazy. Blogging is good for your mind and you have readers that like what you write. God Bless you.

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