Monthly Archives: May 2016

My Mom Lies

Every mother knows they lie to their children. It starts out simple enough. "It's not your fault,"  "You take it, I don't want any more cake," "Don't be silly, everyone likes you", "It will be okay in the morning", etc., you get the drift. Here are some of my mom lies and what I really mean(t). Lie:…

Three Feet Deep

I'm a shallow end of the pool kind of gal. If given a choice, I would never get involved in controversial conversations, I'd take everything at face value, and I would seldom worry about anything other than the health and safety of my family. When I am forced into the deep end (literally and figuratively) I…

After Mother’s Day

Yesterday I was able to spend time with all three of my children together. We celebrated Mother's Day at my sister-in-law's house (the aunt) with my mother-in-law (the grandma) and of course my husband (the dad) and brother-in-law (the uncle). We had a cookout, each of my kids gave me a card, and we took…