My Mom Lies

Every mother knows they lie to their children. It starts out simple enough. "It's not your fault,"  "You take it, I don't want any more cake," "Don't be silly, everyone likes you", "It will be okay in the morning", etc., you get the drift.

Here are some of my mom lies and what I really mean(t).

  • Lie: I don't care what you do for a living as long as you're happy.
  • Truth: I want you to do something honest, something that makes enough money to sustain you and your family, and uses your gifts and talents and satisfies you deep inside.
  • Lie: Of course we can talk, bedtime can wait.
  • Truth: I am exhausted, but mothering is 24 hours and I wouldn't trade this time for anything. Having you want to talk to me is more important than sleep. I live in dread of a time when you don't share your heart with me anymore.
  • Lie: I understand if you have to work this summer and can't go with us on vacation.
  • Truth: I want you with me every chance you can. Someday you'll be gone and I'm trying to squeeze in every possible memory for my own future.
  • Lie: I know you have to find your own path and that's okay.
  • Truth: I hurt inside that you've rejected some of my deepest beliefs and I feel like a failure.
  • Lie: Have the last piece of cake, or these cookies, I don't want anymore.
  • Truth: I would like them, but I want to give them to you because that's what moms do.

Honestly, my lies aren't lies, these statements are indeed true. They simply aren't the whole truth.

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  1. Oh my gosh. What a truthful scribble! And on and on they go. Bless Mothers who feel this way.

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