Fall is my favorite – for now

Fall is my favorite season. The leaves turn an impressive array of colors, the air gets crisp and cool in the evenings, and usually (here) the days are sunny and bright. We drink pumpkin spice lattes, change our wardrobes, and stop sweating. There's something invigorating about it all.

But then there is winter, and winter brings Christmas, hopefully some snow (we are lucky if we get three good snows), sweaters, fires in the fireplace, long nights for crocheting, my birthday, good smelling candles that glow in the living room, and movie nights.

My next favorite would be spring, when suddenly the air warms up a little and the flowers start poking their heads out and we have two weeks when the forsythia bushes bloom their bright yellow to tell you everything is going to burst out soon. Coats are shed for sweaters, gloves get packed away, the air smells new, and plans start formulating for what to do, where to go on vacation, and ideas of new endeavors start to swirl.

But summer, oh summer means you get to go to the beach and plant yourself by the ocean with a good book, cold diet coke, and good sunglasses. The sand helps scrape off the old layers built up the year before, the sun brings enough Vitamin D to lift your spirits to childhood levels of happiness and people watching entertains you for hours.

I guess I like it all.

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  1. Fall is my second favorite because it brings cooler weather and more sports. Favorite is winter - Christmas and snow. Well, sometimes. We're lucky to get one or two snowfalls a year.
  2. As someone who is perpetually pale and perpetually burnt, I can 100 percent attest that to the fact that fall is the season for my soul!

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